Bikini Body Tips , Part 1

Summer season is upon us and it can only mean one thing: exposing some parts of your body that normally don’t see day light for approximately 7-9 months per year. Well, at least in the UK. It’s daunting and anxiety inducing for many people as majority simply don’t know where to start their ‘diet’, whatever that may mean. Weight loss is never sustainable if you are not aware of what’s going on in your body: you can have all generic advice from well-wishing health magazines, but truth to be told it is just that…generic.

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Raise Your Glass

Everyone knows about importance of drinking water. However, just like with most healthy foods and drinks a lot of people miss the point. In my practice I see a lot of health enthusiasts going over 3L per day in hope of achieving their ‘cleansing’ goals. Why? Drinking extremely excessive amounts of water especially whilst on calorie restricted detox can be very damaging:

  • drinking too much water puts a massive strain on kidneys which in some people can lead to water retention
  • excess water washes out electrolytes from the body – vital salts and glucose compounds that help maintaining nutrients balance in the body
  • too much water dilutes blood – this can lead to feeling dizzy and faint particularly if its done during severe caloric restriction (detox)

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