Read Our Advice About Almond Milk in Grazia Daily

grazia-daily-logoRead advice from My London Nutritionist in Grazia Daily. Find out whether Almond milk is really good for your diet. From the article:

First we reported that kale isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Now almond milk’s in the firing line. What’s next, white bread and sausage sandwiches being declared a superfood?…

Nutrionist Kamilla Schaffner of My London Nutritionist, told us, “It’s not uncommon for producers to claim their products have health benefits, when the product only contains minimal amounts of the advertised ingredient. The legislation in this area is still very ambiguous

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Read Our Vegan Diet Advice in Grazia Daily

grazia-daily-logoFind out how a vegan diet can impact your health. Read the advice from My London Nutritionist in Grazia Daily. From the article:

Thinking of going vegan? Making the switch from omnivore to vegan is quite the lifestyle shift.

Being vegan means complete abstention from eating or drinking any animal-based foods or animal by-products, and for some, it means avoiding them in other everyday products, like clothes and makeup.

There’s lots of advice out there on going vegan, and trying to navigate so many different points of view and theories can turn into quite the headache. So to put the record straight, we grilled Eve Kalinik and Kamilla Schaffner, two leading clinical nutritionists, on what you need to know if you want to go vegan.

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