About Kamilla Schaffner

Kamilla Schaffner ND CNM is a highly trained clinical nutritionist who works in conjunction with specialist doctors and healthcare providers to ensure that all patients are treated in a highly individual manner where dietetic suggestions are made with careful considerations of a patient’s unique medical history and biochemical nature.

My London Nutritionist’ main focus is on the patients’ optimum health, disease prevention and physical and mental performance. We approach each patient as a unique case considering physical, mental and emotional well-being. We provide a wide range of services from weight loss and pre- and post-operative nutrition, to recovery from illnesses of various degrees of complexity.

Kamilla Schaffner lives and breathes nutrition and well-being. Her philosophy is that individually tailored and correct food can make a person feel at the top of their game both physically and mentally. She is passionate about helping clients reach their full potential and enjoy their life through managing their personal food requirements correctly.


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