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Read Our Advice About Almond Milk in Grazia Daily

Read advice from My London Nutritionist in Grazia Daily. Find out whether Almond milk is really good for your diet. From the article: First we reported that kale isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Now almond milk’s in the firing line. What’s next, white bread and sausage sandwiches being declared a superfood?… Nutrionist Kamilla […]

Read Our Vegan Diet Advice in Grazia Daily

Find out how a vegan diet can impact your health. Read the advice from My London Nutritionist in Grazia Daily. From the article: Thinking of going vegan? Making the switch from omnivore to vegan is quite the lifestyle shift. Being vegan means complete abstention from eating or drinking any animal-based foods or animal by-products, and […]

Quick Green Salad

Yes, a simple green salad can be a healthy snack in its own right. Most people confine green salad as a lonely side dish at dinner time, but I think many miss the point. I am sure people on low carb diet or Paleo diets will be delighted to hear that a simple green salad […]

Rainbow Yoghurt

Yoghurt is a super food in its own right – it has been around for centuries and many cultures advocate eating yoghurt in order to maintain a healthy digestion. Yoghurt is one of those beautiful foods that can take many flavours on and really add something special to dishes: tangy-ness, tartness, freshness, creaminess and its […]

Almond and Berry Mousse

This was created absolutely accidentally as I was in the mood for something sweet and decadent but didn’t want to go for something too sugary or fatty. So I found a lonely tub of Quark (low fat cheese that is very high in protein, similar to Fromage Frais) sitting in my fridge and decided to […]

Raspberry Protein Sorbet

This healthy snack is truly an amazing treat for anyone with a sweet tooth. Packed with goodness from berries and protein it will keep away from sweet junk foods, as well as it will boost your levels of anti-oxidants and amino acids! Raspberries are fantastic red berries packed full of delicate flavour that is reminiscent […]