Entries by Kamilla Schaffner

Protein Apple Slices

Ahhh, the good old saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ we all know it, but has anyone really tried eating apples every day? Me neither. Apples are humble food powerhouses when it comes to getting vital vitamins and minerals – they are packed with vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, iron, as well as […]

Carrot Cake Yoghurt

I have created this dish for a patient who said she couldn’t go a day without a sweet treat. Her favourite pudding was, you have guessed it, a traditional carrot cake. I have taken the recipe of the carrot cake and made into something gluten-free, quick and healthy reducing the fat content of the original […]

Sweet Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a fantastic healthy food that is very often overlooked in favour of yoghurt or yoghurt based snacks. Cottage cheese is incredibly high in protein (14 gr of protein for 100gr of cottage cheese), whilst being low in calories and high in amino acid Tryptophan that keeps our nervous system healthy. Cottage cheese […]

Labneh with greens and olives

That moment when you crave something creamy but junk food is not an option…I have the most perfect healthy snack option for you and you will feel like you are having something really decadent! Labneh is Middle Eastern strained yoghurt that is very high in protein, Calcium and probiotics making it a true superfood in […]

Spirulina Chia Parfait

When you get Spirulina and Chia together in a dish you know you are definitely going for something super! Spirulina is an incredible food – it’s a marine algae rich in protein, anti-oxidants and some of the essential fatty acids. Spirulina is a fantastic food to include in your daily healthy diet if you want […]

Rainbow Vegetable Spaghetti

Vegetable spaghetti, courgetti, zoodles…it’s all the rage at the movement! The new food trend of eating pasta shaped vegetables has arrived and luckily it is here to stay. It’s a fantastic light alternative to traditional pasta that is normally high in complex carbohydrates, making it a fast but healthy lunch option for people on most […]

The Perfect Next Day Salad

Sometimes there is plenty of food left in the fridge that was cooked the night before for a hearty dinner. In my opinion, leftover dinner food makes the most perfect next day healthy lunch! And the beauty of it is that it can be assembled in 3 minutes without needing to cook anything at all. […]

Healthy Chicken Waldorf Salad

Waldorf is the absolute ultimate luxurious salad but the original Waldorf version is way too rich in saturated fat and unnecessary extras that are not exactly compatible with healthy lunch recipes throughout the week. I have created the healthy version of the classic and I think it is even better tasting than its original version! […]