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Bikini Body Tips , Part 1

Summer season is upon us and it can only mean one thing: exposing some parts of your body that normally don’t see day light for approximately 7-9 months per year. Well, at least in the UK. It’s daunting and anxiety inducing for many people as majority simply don’t know where to start their ‘diet’, whatever […]

Raise Your Glass

Everyone knows about importance of drinking water. However, just like with most healthy foods and drinks a lot of people miss the point. In my practice I see a lot of health enthusiasts going over 3L per day in hope of achieving their ‘cleansing’ goals. Why? Drinking extremely excessive amounts of water especially whilst on […]

Green Tea

Let’s talk about the drink of the moment- green tea. Green tea is an amazing health drink but it’s largely misunderstood by health advocates. Yes it’s brimful of anti-oxidants, catechins and potent anti-cancer polyphenols. What I see over and over again is that health conscious people are drinking it first thing in the morning. If […]