Bikini Body Tips , Part 1

Summer season is upon us and it can only mean one thing: exposing some parts of your body that normally don’t see day light for approximately 7-9 months per year. Well, at least in the UK. It’s daunting and anxiety inducing for many people as majority simply don’t know where to start their ‘diet’, whatever that may mean. Weight loss is never sustainable if you are not aware of what’s going on in your body: you can have all generic advice from well-wishing health magazines, but truth to be told it is just that…generic.

Unless you have a professionally trained nutritionist designing a weight loss programme exclusively for you, no generic diet in the world will ever bring successful, and most importantly, sustainable results due to lack of unique biochemical information that your body carries.

Having said that there are common sense adjustments that anyone can and should make, starting right about now if you want to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin hitting the beach. These are small steps towards big changes. If done on a daily basis for at least 1 month you will be able to see and feel results that can only propel towards reorganising your eating habits with an ultimate goal of having the best body yet. So make these small food swaps and get closer to The Bikini Body you deserve.

Vegetables pasta vs. regular pasta/noodles

Pasta and everything that resembles it, although very delicious, is high in glycaemic starches. When combined with cooking sauces (even if they are not cream based) it becomes quite a difficult food for the body to digest. In addition, majority of people are deficient is Amylase – an enzyme that helps digesting carbohydrates effectively,  which  in the short run leads to bloating  and in the long run leads to a very steady weigh gain. Vegetable pasta or noodles can be made by simply shaving/peeling vegetables like courgettes, carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips into spaghetti looking slivers. No need to buy fancy looking spiralizers! By lightly cooking them in olive oil or even water you can soften them so that they resemble al dente texture. Vegetable pasta will have almost no caloric impact, and if you want to make it a full meal just add lean protein of choice (poached chicken/salmon/eggs/tofu) and The Bikini Body meal is ready.

Traditional morning toast vs.  Healthy toast

The ultimate breakfast for most people – golden toast with marmalade or Nutella…Enough said. It makes people look forward to their breakfasts but somehow doesn’t have the same effect once the holiday reservations are made. Plus, for many people buttered sweet toast is an ultimate comfort food – warm, sweet, crunchy, something that most people have been eating since they were children. Suggesting to eliminate toast from their breakfast repertoire is downright cruel. Instead, make your morning toast a carrier of all things Bikini Body friendly: swap butter, or worse, butter resembling spreads and jams for nut butters (unsweetened peanut or almond are really good) and fork-mashed berries and fruits; or go for low fat cottage cheese with cucumbers/olives/tomatoes. I guess there is no need to mention avocado toast with …well anything you want, really (tomatoes, poached egg, capers, fresh herbs). You will still have the same feeling of eating comforting toast but instead of ingesting hundreds of calories in refined sugars and hydrogenated fats you will be loading up on healthy fats and refreshing vegetables that have almost no calories but tons of nutrients.

For more healthy tips for summer body stay Tuned for The Bikini Body Tips Part 2 !

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