Green Tea

Let’s talk about the drink of the moment- green tea. Green tea is an amazing health drink but it’s largely misunderstood by health advocates. Yes it’s brimful of anti-oxidants, catechins and potent anti-cancer polyphenols. What I see over and over again is that health conscious people are drinking it first thing in the morning. If you are one of them – stop.

Green tea has a very astringent energy. In people with weak stomach acid or digestive problems it may cause a vomiting reflex. If you must drink it first thing in the morning then always put a sweetener of some sort in it. That is not a license to use white sugar either. Honey, maple syrup or molasses are great options.

Drinking green tea between meals is equally bad idea. Traditionally, it is meant to be a digestive aid after a meal. If you are a vegan or vegetarian or are on a very calorie restricted diet – do not drink green tea between meals. Drink it only after a meal and a very small amount as drinking it away from food will increase Cortisol (stress) hormone levels due to its high caffeine content and will propel cravings/ hunger pangs even further.

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