nutrition facts‘Health is wealth’. This statement should guide us in all of our actions, especially where our health is concerned. These days, too many people do not have the slightest idea of how to maintain good health. When illness strikes, we rely on medical profession to help us overcome our illnesses. What we fail to realise is that the cure always comes from within – we just have to take better care of our bodies and our health. Everyone should take an active role in maintenance of their health and the prevention of disease. The more one makes an effort to learn about nutrition and its foundations, the better prepared he will be to face modern life style and its stressors.

A good healthy diet coupled with professional advice of a highly skilled nutritionist offers the best chance of living a healthy life. Therefore, a personal attitude in understanding good nutrition is an important factor in the process of optimal health maintenance and healing.

The fuel we give our bodies comes directly from the things we eat on a daily basis. The foods we at contain nutrients: they come in the form of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, water, amino acids, lipids and carbohydrates. They provide a human body with the basic materials it needs to continue its function. A deficiency of the nutrients will cause the body part to malfunction and eventually break down, and other body parts and systems will follow. To prevent this from happening, everyone needs a proper diet and appropriate nutritional supplements.

Brain function, memory, skin elasticity, eyesight, weight management, energy and stress levels are all indications of how well the body is functioning. With the help of proper nutrients, exercise, and a balanced diet plan, one can slow the aging process and greatly improve his chances for a healthier, pain free and longer life.

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