6 Omelette with citrus salsa

Omelette with Citrus Salsa

It’s a weekend you have been waiting for. You have a little bit of time in the morning and you want to treat yourself to a good home-made breakfast or brunch with the family or friends. This is a perfect chance to eat the most wholesome food in the world- the humble egg. Eggs are protein power houses, all under 100 calories per a medium sized egg! You simply can’t go wrong! But your eggs needn’t be boring – jazz them up with a great side dish and they will be a centre piece of your healthy breakfast table. Salsa can be made out many vegetables but the one that goes best with healthy breakfast eggs is a tomato-based one. Give it a go and you won’t eat your eggs any other way.

Ingredients: (2 potions)
– 5 eggs
– 2 handfuls of spinach
– 1 red pepper
– 6 cherry tomatoes
– Handful of rocket
– ¼ of white onion
– Zest and juice of ½ lime
– 2 tea spoons of olive oil

Omelette with citrus salsa
1. Dice very finely 1 red pepper and place in your salsa bowl.
2. Quarter cherry tomatoes and place in salsa bowl.
3. Dice finely white onion and add to the vegetables.
4. Finely chop rocket leaves and add to the salsa.
5. Zest and juice ½ lime and add to the salsa.
6. Add a pinch of sea salt, pepper and 2 tea spoons of olive oil. Mix all ingredients well and set aside (whist you prepare your omelette) for flavours to amalgamate.
7. Add a little bit of olive oil to your frying pan and let it get hot over a medium heat.
8. Add spinach and sauté until completely wilted.
9. Add beaten eggs to the spinach, reduce the heat to low and let the eggs set into perfect round shape.
10. Once the edges start to look cooked carefully fold the omelette and take it out of the pan.

Kamilla’s suggestions:
Any of ingredients can be adjusted according to your nutritional programme: you don’t need to use spinach as a base of the omelette. Any green leafy vegetable or a herb of choice can be great with eggs: kale, chard and tender stem broccoli are all excellent additions to a healthy breakfast table as they are full of liver cleansing Sulphur and anti-oxidants. For an extra hit of protein you can grate a little bit of Parmesan cheese (although do be careful as it is quite high in Sodium if you are trying to manage your high blood pressure) or you can be extra healthy and sprinkle Nutritional Yeast to your omelette (Marigold’s with Vitamin B12 is fantastic) to mimic the taste of cheese without eating dairy! As for the salsa, you can add avocado, swap rocket for coriander and onion for garlic – the choice is yours!
Wishing you a great health and Bon Appetite.

Disclaimer: please consult your health care practitioner or doctor if you experience any health problems before making drastic changes to your diet and daily eating habits.

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