3 Rainbow Yoghurt

Rainbow Yoghurt

Yoghurt is a super food in its own right – it has been around for centuries and many cultures advocate eating yoghurt in order to maintain a healthy digestion. Yoghurt is one of those beautiful foods that can take many flavours on and really add something special to dishes: tangy-ness, tartness, freshness, creaminess and its packed with protein, probiotics (good bacteria) and Calcium…what’s not to like! This universal appeal makes it one of the most popular snacks around and quite rightly so. I hope this fruity number will be a hit among your favourite healthy snacks.

Ingredients: (1 portion)
– 120gr plain yoghurt
– 2 tea spoons of chia seeds
– 1 tea spoon of bee pollen
– 5 walnut halves
– 1 fig
– 1 kiwi

1. In a pretty see-through glass combine yoghurt and chopped walnuts. Mix thoroughly.
2. Add chia seeds and bee pollen and continue mixing so that all ingredients are amalgamated. If it gets thick add a table spoon of mineral water to the mix.
3. Chop a fig into small pieces and place at the top of the mixture in the glass.
4. Peel and chop kiwi and place carefully next to the chopped fig.

Kamilla’s suggestions:

In terms of switching up your options there is really no limit here: you can swap walnuts for almonds or cashew nuts, and change chia seeds for pumpkin or sunflower seeds. If you like your yoghurt really sweet then you can add a drop of honey or Stevia to it, or even a ½ of mashed banana to make the texture more mousse-like. If you are on a vegan diet or you are going dairy-free then be sure to swap plain yoghurt for coconut or soya yoghurt.

Wishing you a great health and Bon Appetite.
Disclaimer: please consult your health care practitioner or doctor if you experience any health problems before making drastic changes to your diet and daily eating habits.

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