Raise Your Glass

Everyone knows about importance of drinking water. However, just like with most healthy foods and drinks a lot of people miss the point. In my practice I see a lot of health enthusiasts going over 3L per day in hope of achieving their ‘cleansing’ goals. Why? Drinking extremely excessive amounts of water especially whilst on calorie restricted detox can be very damaging:

  • drinking too much water puts a massive strain on kidneys which in some people can lead to water retention
  • excess water washes out electrolytes from the body – vital salts and glucose compounds that help maintaining nutrients balance in the body
  • too much water dilutes blood – this can lead to feeling dizzy and faint particularly if its done during severe caloric restriction (detox)

The bottom line is that drinking water is vital for healthy functioning and everyone should aim for at least 1L per day, ideally mineral or filtered water (save tap water for washing your dishes as its full of hormones and other junk you wouldn’t even dream of ingesting). If you live or work in hot climates, then you can safely double this amount. The same guidelines apply for people who work out, especially high intensity training enthusiasts.

Its a great practice to include fruits and herbs in your water: not only will it make water more palatable, but will also increase its hydration factor – the body will absorb water much more effectively than drinking it plain.

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