Maria W

Icame to see Kamilla Schaffner at her London clinic 1 year after my stomach bypass surgery. I was losing a lot of weight as a result of the surgery but felt very ill, tired and confused as to what I could eat. Kamilla was fantastic at understanding what was happening to me. After some blood tests and consultations around my food preferences Kamilla explained that I was deficient in certain minerals and enzymes that were typical to stomach bypass patients. She advised me on post-operative portion sizes, supplements and gave me a personalised nutrition plan. Now I feel much better physically and I am very confident in the fact that the food choices that I go for are designed exclusively for me.

Maria W46, Russia
Peter B

I work very long hours running an investment fund and was getting fed up with the creeping weight gain and my chronic back ache. I couldn’t go to see anyone due to my schedule: my days start at 6 am and finish well past mid-night. Kamilla Schaffner consulted me over Skype as well as visited my office to carry out some blood tests. Within 8 weeks I have lost 8 kg and my chronic back ache has significantly reduced. Kamilla has also run a presentation for my team on healthy eating aimed at people with high stress levels working in the City. Anyone who works in the City should go and see her.

Peter B40, London
Marina G

I recently had a baby, and at first, Kamilla Schaffner was overlooking my pregnancy nutrition. I haven’t experienced any morning sickness, haven’t developed stretch marks and my post-baby weight dropped off within first 4 months after my C-section. I am impressed with the attention to details Kamilla exercised when she created my plan. She left no stone unturned in regard to my past health issues as well as my ‘picky eater’ food preferences.

Marina G34, Moscow
Habib A-W

I saw Kamilla Schaffner specifically for weight loss. I have Diabetes Type 2 and have struggled with my weight as far as I can remember. I love food and often find comfort in it. Kamilla took into consideration the fact that I was on medications, did not exercise and had to attend a lot of events focused around food due to the nature of my job. She has written a plan that was made for me exclusively. 8 months later I have lost 14kg. It’s not easy, but it works. A lot of my family members who had other health issues went to see Kamilla and are happy with how she treated them.

Habib A-W37, Dubai