The Perfect Next Day Salad

The Perfect Next Day Salad

Sometimes there is plenty of food left in the fridge that was cooked the night before for a hearty dinner. In my opinion, leftover dinner food makes the most perfect next day healthy lunch! And the beauty of it is that it can be assembled in 3 minutes without needing to cook anything at all. This salad is something that I have at least once per week- I always seem to have a left over baked aubergine in the fridge and I always pre-cook a batch of eggs for healthy snacks after the gym session or a quick breakfast on the go. And a creamy green salad, in my opinion, is the best base for most healthy salads – the trick is in the dressing and it is completely in line with healthy lunch recipes that won’t compromise your health goals during the week.

Ingredients: (1 portion)
– salad leaves, as many as you prefer. This recipe uses butternut lettuce
– 1 baked aubergine
– 2 soft boiled eggs
– 2 table spoons of fat free yogurt
– 1 table spoon of white wine vinegar
– 1 tea spoon of Dijon mustard
– 1/2 tea spoons of black sesame seeds
– salt and pepper

1. Wash and dry salad leaves. If using butternut lettuce then cut into bite size pieces. Set aside.
2. Cut a room temperature baked aubergineinto bite size pieces . To bake an aubergine: half anaubergine score the flesh in a diamond pattern with the knife without cutting through the skin. Season with any spice of choice and bake at 180C for 1 hour.
3. To make the dressing mix Dijon mustard with vinegar until the mustard is completely emulsified. Add the mixture to yoghurt and mix thoroughly.
4. Mix salad leaves with the dressing and put on the plate. Add chopped aubergine and 2 soft boiled eggs ( for a perfectly soft boiled egg: add eggs to the boiling water for 6 minutes exactly and then take out with the spoon).
5. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and black sesame seeds and it’s ready to be eaten.

Kamilla’s suggestions:

This particular recipe was created for one of my patients in need of Calcium boost. Sesame seeds are very rich in Calcium and make a great addition to many meals due to their unique taste and texture. In combination with aubergines that are naturally rich in Manganese and Phosphorus sesame seeds create a good background for Calcium synthesis within the body. This healthy recipe can be safely used by people with osteoporosis issues or women going thought peri- or post- menopause stages where maintain Calcium levels is of high importance . Eggs are a perfect addition of healthy protein to the dish, and in combination with dairy in form of yoghurt in the salad dressing make a fantastic healthy lunch recipe for new mums as combination of eggs and dairy has a powerful galactogogue effect on milk production.

Wishing you a great health and Bon Appetite.

Disclaimer: please consult your health care practitioner or doctor if you experience any health problems before making drastic changes to your diet and daily eating habits.

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