1 Traditional Yoghurt Parfait

Traditional Yoghurt Parfait

Breakfast yoghurt parfait is one of the most popular healthy dishes because it is so simple, delicious and is super quick to wrestle up in the morning. No need for cooking and waiting by the hob stirringthings! Just get a pretty tall glass (so you can see all the layers of goodness) and start layering! The list of layers options is simply endless and you can make a pretty exceptional breakfast out of it. Remember, you are in charge of the gloriouslayers, therefore, it can be as healthy, gluten-free, dairy-free or luxurious as you want it to be.

Ingredients: (makes 2 portions)
– 250 gr of plain yoghurt
– Blueberries (as many or as little as you want, I suggest a good handful)
– 2 table spoons of sugar-free granola
– Stevia (to taste)

1. Spread yoghurt (be sure to use no more than 3.5% fat one)into your pretty glasses. I suggest keeping your crockery transparent for this dish so that you can see the layers clearly. Put yoghurt 1/3 of the glass. Add stevia and mix.
2. Add a layer of blueberries.
3. Follow up with another layer of yoghurt.
4. Add a tiny bit more Stevia as you don’t want to hit a sour yoghurt patch first thing in the morning (unless that’s your thing!).
5. Add another layer of blueberries.
6. Add a final layer of yoghurt. This time skip Stevia.
7. Finish your breakfast glasses with a layer of granola, it may contain some nuts or seeds like hazelnuts or almonds, sunflower or sesame seeds forextra crunch, flavour and nutrients.

Kamilla’s suggestions:
Any of the layers/ingredients can be adjusted according to your nutritional program: if you are dairy-free or vegan, then swap cow’s yoghurt for either soya or coconut one. You can also swap berries or fruits of your choice: mango, strawberries, raspberries are all fantastic breakfast vitamin power houses. If you are on grain-free, gluten-free, paleo or low carb diet plan then substitute granola for quinoa flakes (or even cooked quinoa) or simple toasted nuts (almond flakes, cashews, pistachios all look and taste incredible). This breakfast recipe can also be used for people on temporary ketosis (minus the fruit, I am afraid).
Wishing you a great health and Bon Appetite.

Disclaimer: please consult your health care practitioner or doctor if you experience any health problems before making drastic changes to your diet and daily eating habits.

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