Weight loss & Fat Reduction

Successful weight loss and fat loss without professional nutritional support can be very difficult and unsustainable. Kamilla Schaffner of My London Nutritionist provides tailored diet plans and nutritional support to help her patients reach their weight loss goals and subsequently successfully manage their target weight. This service takes into account a patient’s lifestyle, personal medical history, cultural aspects of food consumption and personal goals to create a highly individual nutritional and supplementation programme that will sustain them no matter where they are, what they do or how often they exercise.

My London Nutritionist also offers packages for fast-paced patients who wish to embark on the weight loss or fat reduction programme straight away: this can be carried out at the clinic, over the phone or Skype. For prices please enquire by contacting Kamilla Schaffner


We offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation where we can discuss your goals and how we may be able to help you

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